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Also after proclaiming her love to me in several emails, including poetry, she was very insistent that the money come right away. She said she had instructed her aunt in Moscow buy tickets.

All the while she gave the impression that her "mom" was helping with advice. Then she was in an embarrassing situation because she thought I was paying. She asked me to send her money via Western Union to I also was scammed by someone named Galina (Galia) Alexsandrova who claimed to be from Kirov, Russia, but actually lives in nearby Yoshkar-Ola.

You anti-scam book should be a must buy for anyone who is searching for a foreign bride. Her e-mail address is [email protected] is listed on [email protected], I confronted her with her request for 0 for a visa early before I could get more information about her (I should have played along with the game and get more information). Jack LETTER 1 Hi, Reading your letter I have not begun to cry nearly with happiness. Than I am engaged now - I prepare to holiday I want this holiday to make unforgettable. The cheapest way up to Moscow it began the bus change a train, it will borrow about 1-2 days it will cost 50 $. My aunt so is glad for me that she does(makes) all that our meeting was as soon as possible. In 1989 at me the younger brother has appeared When to him there were 4 years my father was lost After his(its) death I very long experienced, could not believe that it(him) no.

Hello, You have an excellent and informative website. Please note, they are quite generic and do not have my name in it anywhere. Can be at us already there was a large happy family Yes I very much love to prepare, is tasty to prepare And if you would be a number (line) I with pleasure prepared for you Would bring coffee in bed I love to prepare various sweetness The Ukrainian, Russian kitchen Especially I love to prepare on a nature a shish kebab In cinema I go about 2 times per one week And on discos I in general seldom go Yes life without love it not life You see love this very perfect feeling You see when you have favourite man You become by the happiest man on light And when you are happy at you all always well in life I am afraid acquaintances through the Internet slightly But nevertheless I have small hope that I on a correct way The truth now when I almost has left in holiday And on a nose at me birthday I do not have means, money to arrive to the lovely man And as I for a long time dreamed of arrival to the lovely man Where I would be met by(with) the favourite man Also I hope by this man there will be you. If it is a little try we can be together already on a holiday new year. Whom I could give back the love, both heart To divide(share) grief and pleasure. Hi Thanks that has written How are you doing, mood At me very well since that day as I began with you to correspond:) I want to see maximal your photos Will meet you more close I want to tell about my more detailed biography I was born on December 15, 1977 the Russian city Yoshkar-Ola Then as well as all children I have gone to study, has finished school.

Foreign men are requested money for "visa and tickets" for the "girl" to come to USA (or another country).

Money usually is requested via Western Union or Money Gram, first for visa, then for tickets, then for insurance. Her name is Ksenia Mihailovna Maksimova, 424007 Russia, Republic Mari-El, city Yoshkar-Ola Street Petrova, house 42, flat 81.

*She* found me on Friend Finder and succeeded in taking over 00 of my money before I realized that it was a scam. She very quickly proclaimed her love for me and included poetry, which she claimed to have written for me, in several of her messages (sound familiar?

Here are the clues that should have raised my suspicions: 1. )I finally became quite suspicious after she insisted that she required "insurance" before she would come to America.

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