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Jack added."Hold on "I said with about 1000 bad wardrobe changes going on in my head."Hey you two said you get out of something like that easy so what difference does it make what u wear?"he asked."A lot" I see cody and i have something else in common folks,since we're a little chubby we don't exactely like showing of our bodies and Jack knew this."I'll make u a deal"said Jack."If at anytime you get out of any of my tie-ups you'll be free to go and skip the rest of the days punishment." "so what you're saying is that even if we were to lose to u."said Cody"that if we get loose from even 1 of your tie-ups we walk right then and there...chores...other tie-ups..walk?After putting on our uniforms for good luck and giving each other an emotional pre- game speech we proceded to get our asses whipped in the beginning and make a comeback at the end only to lose by 1 point.By the way Jack didn't even score a point for his team.Now available on mobile, uk allows you to take your dating experience on the move.Upload pictures, send messages write diary entries and give someone a wink in your area and you may just find that spark that ignites the perfect relationship. And you simply need some guidance on how to use our features, we have a friendly customer care team available, they’ll send you guides of how to write a message, upload a photo or give you some hints and tips as to what to include in your profile.This story happened in december of last year and was my first experience with tie-up games.

We arrived in Jack's living room and gasped as we laid eyes on the torture chamber that he had constructed including a bed he had moved into the room,rope, cloth,boxes of duct tape,clothes,and a giant roll of pallet wrap and a cooler.They’ll tell you to be as creative as possible, tell people about you’re your hobbies and interests, what makes you tick and what you look for in the opposite sex.If you like what you’ve read, you want to see more, and try our services for FREE, be our guest.You won’t be charged to join, upload your photo or write your profile.You can browse our members, send winks and even send your first message! See what response you get, you never know, Mr or Mrs Perfect could be just around the corner.

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