Accommodating guests at home

A piece of my heart will forever be in the former capital, but don't worry I'm not aiming to leave random body parts in any other Italian cities.

The Italians and Italy are wonderful and I want to share my experiences of the country." Want to write a guest blog or opinion piece for The Local Italy?

One of the first and perhaps most surprising lessons was that the best kebabs I have ever had were consumed in Turin. ) Those five words would prove I'd made it and achieved the coveted status of a local.

There's nothing more terrifying than being in a foreign country by yourself at the age of 19, and during my first days in the city I went to several of the many kebaberie in the city, soon becoming a connoisseur. Of course, it took time to reach this stage, but by the time I returned to the city last summer I started receiving the 'local treatment'.

In between consuming meat from questionable sources, I made it my duty to see every corner of the city and in doing so I uncovered an array of beautiful places. I became a regular at a local café called Denny Café on Corso Turati, where one waitress asked me to teach her one phrase of English each day. During my internship, I discovered that Turin is home to a large population of young professionals and that the social scene is very lively.

My friends joked that all I ever did was walk around the city by myself and there's some truth in that, but it was the best way to squeeze every drop of Italy out of my time there. I lived in San Salvario, a quarter known for its nightlife and several high quality restaurants.

I may have ended up with hairy chocolate but at least I tried!

All in all, living in Italy taught me that it is important to be confident, independent, and to express myself.

A cup of cioccolata calda from a Turin cafe is like drinking a mug of Nutella: it's just wonderful.I may have made that mistake, but I stand by that dish and have no regrets.Food plays a central role in Italy: rather than fitting meals into your schedule, it's normal to plan around your meals.Seeing as we've got visitors this weekend, we thought it would be a great time to round up some ideas and inspiration for adding extra sleeping space for guests.As the weather warms, we imagine we're going to be having a lot more of them...

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