Against mandating residential fire sprinkler Mobi adult chat sites

SB City Unified Infographic – At-A-Glance , limiting districts’ ability to maintain critical programs in tight fiscal times and making it more difficult for districts to address unexpected emergency costs.

In June 2014, California enacted SB 858 as part of the State budget to cap school district reserves in future years and to increase reporting requirements of district reserve levels every year.

Inland Action appreciates the continuing support for higher education in Governor Brown’s 2016-17 budget proposal.

The Governor’s proposal (0 million) allows for a one percent enrollment increase, or 4,000 students system wide, while the Board of Trustees’ budget request (1 million above the Governor’s proposal) would provide for a three percent enrollment increase, or 12,600 students across the 23 campuses.

All California students deserve a spot at a California institution and, with this commitment from the State to provide a fully funded Cal Grant, coupled with institutional aid to students, they can be assured that together the State and the segment can help make that a reality.

Further, AB 1961 is a step in the right direction toward establishing a long-term funding formula for the Cal Grant, which would bring stability and predictability to the award for low-income students and their families as they plan for their higher education needs.

Inland Action opposes SB 1387 (De Leon/Allen/Lara) as it undermines local control over critical air quality rulemaking; adds political appointees to a regional air district’s board, and negatively impacts market-based incentive programs that have traditionally facilitated businesses’ ability to comply with environmental regulations.

SB 1387 changes requirements for non-vehicular air pollution market-based incentive program and increases the size of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Board.

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