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A Referendum seeking to establish a Republic failed in 1999.For a proposal to succeed, it must be favoured by a majority of voters in a majority of the states, and by a majority of voters overall.During her lectureship in the Law Faculty at Monash University, she designed, implemented and taught legal research courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Executive comprises the Prime Minister as head of Government, and the Cabinet - Senior Ministers selected by the Prime Minister.

The dating certificate will provide the original configuration information, plus dispatch details (where the bike was first sent).

If your bike is not in the factory engine and frame configuration, the dating certificate will clarify original numbers for you. Draganfly order number for dating certificates is DAT92: email is [email protected] Check details on the Membership web page Wanted for 2019 Committee: The current Regalia Officers, Allan Boyd and Christine Hillbrick-Boyd will be stepping down from managining the AAR regalia following the 2019 AGM.

Um Uhr am Montagmittag wurde der Polizei ein Brand einer Produktionshalle im Plattenwerk in Nettgau gemeldet.

Bei Eintreffen der Polizei waren die Löscharbeiten bereits im vollen Gange. Nach den mittlerweile abgeschlossenen Straßenbauarbeiten in Leetze gab es eine amtliche Endabnahme.

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