Auto updating to excel odbc

When you create visualizations in reports and dashboards, you’re looking at data in the dataset, or in the case of a live connection like Azure SQL Database, the dataset defines the data you see right from the data source.For a live connection to Analysis Services, the dataset definition comes from Analysis Services directly. Close savechanges:=True End Sub When I open the manually, the Power Query connection updates. I should add I tested this with an old fashioned Excel Connection andit works fine through VBA code. In my project, I've written this code which works: Sub Refresh Query() Dim con As Workbook Connection Dim Cname As String For Each con In Active Workbook.

Connection Dim str As String str = "DRIVER=;" & _ ";" & _ "PORT=3306" & _ "DATABASE=xth_9595110_My Notes;" & _ "UID=xth_9595110;" & _ "PWD=my Password;" & _ "Option=3" ''' error ''' o Conn. Recordset") 'EBGen-Daily Server_Name = Range("b2").

Some data, like from a Salesforce or Marketo content pack is automatically refreshed for you.

If your connection makes use of a live connection or Direct Query, the data will be update to date.

We’ll go into refresh for each type of data source a little later in the What can be refreshed? A is automatically created in Power BI when you use Get Data to connect to and upload data from a content pack, file, or you connect to a live data source.

In Power BI Desktop and Excel 2016, you can also publish your file right to the Power BI service, which is just like using Get Data.

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