Bam margera who is he dating

, the newlyweds revealed the unfortunate circumstances that led to some very private photos of Rothstein being leaked on the internet.

According to the exhaustive internet archive of Stern episodes known as approached him to do the shoot and he couldn't resist "because it was like a once in a lifetime opportunity." However, the spread was only supposed to feature relatively tame shots — if you consider topless photos tame — but someone else on the shoot leaked some photos of Rothstein posing in all her natural glory that'd been taken for private use only.

For starters, they admitted to regularly getting it on while driving in Margera's Hummer.

The lowlights include a convoluted claim by Rivell that Margera cheated on her with singer and actress Jessica Simpson, which Margera admittedly did not help with his own cagey statements on the matter.

On top of that, Margera ended up filing for a protection from abuse order against Rivell, claiming that, after they broke up, she broke into his house, vandalized his belongings, and even physically injured him on one occasion. Here are some seriously strange things about Bam Margera's marriages.

, which tracked the three frantic months it took to for the pair to haphazardly plan the February 2007 event.

Along the way, Margera got up to his usual hijinks of creating absolute chaos for everyone around him, including his wife whose wedding dress he destroyed with paintballs.

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