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Bodenständige und herzliche Menschen – das ist meine Heimat, hier habe ich den größten Teil meines Lebens verbracht.

Die Familie, meine Verbundenheit zur Region und die einzigartige Naturkulisse waren die wichtigsten Gründe, warum ich genau dieses Haus zum Hotel Jens Weissflog gemacht habe.

So if you’ve ever bragged about designing Wireframes in Illustrator instead of a dedicated wireframing tool, you may as well put your foot straight in your mouth, because unless you’re faster than me with UXPin, you lose. If you’re wireframing before you even have a draft of your content, you need to have a serious chat with yourself and your team.

Your job is to structure the most effective experience for what needs to be communicated. Brands must learn to define their voice and image, while UX designers need to push for processes that make sense. Finally, wireframes are quick so you can get data quickly.

Ich freue mich, Sie bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen und Ihnen mein Erzgebirge ein Stück näherzubringen. Aktiv sein in der Natur oder sich etwas Gutes tun im Vitalzentrum.

Die Ruhe genießen auf dem Balkon des Appartements oder bei Kaffee und Kuchen miteinander plaudern.

How can you not only evaluate your own ability as a UX dude or dudette, but translate it to the layman?

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For Web Sphere Application Server Liberty using JAX-RS or JAX-WS: · Upgrade to minimal fix pack levels as required by interim fix and then apply Interim Fix PH00401 for JAX-WS and PH01221 for JAX-RS --OR-- · Apply Fix Pack or later.At Career Foundry we greatly emphasize this in the user experience course we have developed, because if we can guarantee anything, it’s how to turn those million and one steps into a blazed trail instead of a game of psychedelic hopscotch.Without a process you’re just an idealist, and while creative problem solving is important you need the data to support it.To break it down another way, wireframes should be quick to build and built to frame existing content.They are used to test and iterate before the interface is designed and the site coded.

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