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They famously released nude and compromising photos of prominent women to destroy their reputations, and were rumoured to have organised several unsolved rapes committed against feminist lobbyists. What we’ve done is developed an algorithm that trawls the internet for images, recognises pictures of people, identifies ones that appear to be women showing a lot of skin or posed with a man’s cock or a sex toy, and then tries to cross-match them with photos already known to be of an identified woman such as from Facebook.’ He smiled at Claire (or rather, Claire’s tits) as he seated her at the desk. Likewise, ‘tits’ was derived from ‘teats’ and was a reminder that breasts were for making milk. They have girls on another facility and they collect their piss and slut nectar and feed it to us along with a drug to keep us horny.’ Claire felt sick. ‘You wouldn’t eat horse’s hooves, but that’s what jelly is made out of. ‘Good girl,’ said Kitten, in exactly the same tone of voice Michael used with Claire. Claire’s cunt was soaking wet and she knew that her pussy juices were running down her thighs and soaking into the bed but she didn’t much care because she could feel Kitten’s own wetness on her buttocks.But Claire’s mother didn’t follow politics and was set firmly in the belief that any organisation run by intelligent men would be a good and respectable place for a teen girl to be educated. Only on a closer look did Claire notice they were all wearing dog collars. She was dressed in smart business clothes but with a plunging neckline that revealed much of her breasts and a black leather dog collar. ‘What we need you to do is check the work done by the algorithm. Do what she says and go to her if you have any questions.’ Pussy waved shyly at Claire. She was helpful and a good teacher although Claire was uncomfortable every time Pussy’s barely clothed breasts brushed against her cheek or hair as Pussy leant over her shoulder to operate the computer. The software returned an image and Claire described it. ' Blonde girl topless at party.' ' Professional photograph. These aren’t girls or women - they are sluts, whores and rapetoys. Try again and this time I don’t want to see you use the same name for a body part more than once until lunch.’ Claire returned to her desk. ‘Udders’ was similar but gave the implication the woman was literally a milk cow. ‘But also urine, cunt juices and some aphrodisiac.’ ‘What? She jumped away from her cordial glass in revulsion. You wouldn’t eat most of the things that make sausage if you saw them by themselves but sausage is delicious. Every time Kitten wiggled, Claire felt Kitten’s nude cunt brush her ass cheeks, leaving behind a smear of cunt-honey.Sarah Edmondson discovered that Keith Raniere was branding women with his initials. Raniere used his idiot- fool Clare Bronfman to attack Miss Edmondson with her millions and her perjury.Multiple sources tell Frank Report that Clare Bronfman filed a criminal complaint against Sarah Edmondson for “theft, fraud and mischief” with the Vancouver Police Department. Miss Bronfman’s complaint is on behalf of Executive Success Programs Inc.

The crotch photo showed only the cloth of her skirt, but the breast photo recognisably showed her half-bare tits and her bra. The photos showed her large, bare udders, and her naked shaved twat, splayed open for inspection. Claire felt embarrassed by seeing another girl’s private parts. Claire had come across porn before on the internet but she’d never looked at it for long. ‘Let me tell you a little about Titcage,’ said Michael.

Miss Edmondson, 40, in addition to being a popular Vancouver actress and voice talent, was an independent contractor who provided training in Vancouver for students of ESP.

She recently stopped teaching ESP Intensives – and the storefront on Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver where she taught was then closed.

Vancouver Police are expected to investigate the matter thoroughly before making any arrests and are likely to interview students who left ESP and DOS women who have been branded to determine if they felt coerced by Miss Bronfman and others into giving collateral. Raniere are said to be “angry” that Miss Edmondson left ESP and “eager” to see her handcuffed and imprisoned.

The Albany Times Union reported that students who left ESP in the past say that the company employs “Sometimes, rather than filing a civil suit, [ESP] has chosen other tactics to silence its critics.

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