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Consolidation loans have become common practice for both Federal and private student loan holders.A consolidation loan does more than just combine your existing loans.These loans allow students to combine existing loans into one manageable loan with a single payment schedule.Benefits of federal loan consolidation include: Students who have private lender loans can also take advantage of loan consolidation programs.The Federal government offers students the Direct Consolidation Loan to help them manage their Federal college loans.Students who have received a Stafford, Perkins or FFEL loan are eligible for the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan only after they have graduated from college.U-Fi Review: One the positive side, U-Fi is one of the very few lenders that offers a 25 year term to repay your loan.

When you access your account and perform transactions on the Discover site we use 128-bit-Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology-the most widely used method of securing internet transactions available today.Many private lenders offer attractive loan packages to make it easier for students to pay off their loans and avoid default.As these loans are underwritten by private lenders they will have higher interest rates and stricter time limits than Federal loans.College Ave Review: College Ave loses points because the maximum repayment length is only 15 years and some of their loans are serviced by Navient.That being said, the interest rates are very competitive with other lenders.

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