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Can someone change the code to suit the followign issues: How do I choose which sheets to consolidate How do I choose which columns to consolidate How do I make the consolidated data start at B3 in Global Summary How do I stop the consolidated infomormation from overwriting my total value (row 22 in Global Summary) The Rnage needs to be expandable based upon additions or removals.

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The consolidation sheet needs to show all Europe rows then US rows then ME rows. Also, if I have 100 opportunities and wish to only see the ones for this month, is it possible to only show the month I enter into a parameter cell and then sum the value of opportunities by that month?Blank rows indicate the end of the data set so the autofilter would never see the data below the blank row. If you move Random1 to the farthest left and Random3 to the tab jus to the right of the Global total you can type this formula in E3 =SUM(Random1: Random3! This will count everything in cell H3 from and including Random1 - Random3.Here's the tweaked code, you'll have to fix your sheets as noted so that it will work properly. If you move a tab outside the Randoms it will remove it from the total.I hope that makes sense, I have added a new example to show what I mean.I think I may be asking too much here but there are some clever people out there...

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