East europe girls dating nelly and ashanti are they dating

As a result of America’s wealth and car infrastructure, far more women in the USA are fat. You’ll also find interesting ethnic mixes, like half Persian and half French, or half Japanese and half Brazilian.

This extensive genetic mixing naturally means that a small handful of the girls end up, by chance, looking exotic and like absolute stunners.

I’ve found that girls in Sweden and Germany also love to hear a foreign American accent.

And I’ve heard the same about Australian girls- if you’re an American living on Australia, you’ve got a definite advantage.

Grocery stores are also very small there, and there isn’t much junk food selection whatsoever. women can afford to spend time and money on fitness and dress.

If you think that an Eastern European woman will be your dream girlfriend or wife, you should definitely create a profile and start contacting these beautiful females.(One caveat: that is, if the narrow ethnic look of that city suits you.If you don’t like pale skinned, waif-like brunettes, you won’t like it no matter what). girls, and in most richer countries in general, there’s a larger gap between the ugly girls and the prettiest girls.But if you’re shooting for “9’s and 10’s” – you can actually find MORE of them in the USA, if you know where to go. While in an Eastern European country, you’ll find a better overall average, but less “perfect stunners” because all the girls are more weighted toward the average middle in terms of attractiveness. But in Eastern Europe, speaking English with a flat American accent will definitely get you noticed and win you some brownie points with the girls.However, in my experience the same is true for generally anywhere you travel.

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