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There is some debate about its origins, backslang, rhyming slang, sailor slang, and thieves' cant.Henry Mayhew gave a verbatim account of Polari as part of an interview with a Punch and Judy showman in the 1850s. I've 'yeute munjare,' and 'yeute bivare,' and, what's worse, 'yeute lente.' This is better than the costers' talk, because that ain't no slang and all, and this is a broken Italian, and much higher than the costers' lingo.The discussion he recorded references the arrival of Punch in England, crediting these early shows to a performer from Italy called Porcini (John Payne Collier's account calls him Porchini). We know what o'clock it is, besides." ("unknown" is a reference to the "swazzle", a voice modifier used by Punch performers, the structure of which was a longstanding trade secret).Camp Polari-speaking characters Julian and Sandy were played by Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams.In the Doctor Who serial Carnival of Monsters from 1973, Vorg, a showman, believing the Doctor to also be a showman, attempts to converse with him in Polari. In 1987 character Ralph Filthy, a Theatrical Agent played by Nigel Planer in the BBC TV series Filthy, Rich & Catflap regularly used Polari.

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