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Mayfield called Channel 9 Wednesday night and said he doesn't plan to watch the million home burn to the ground.Mayfield tagged WSOC-TV in a tweet Thursday saying, "Hate 2 see our previous residence burned down however, I've always loved a good bonfire.Mayfield's attorneys had filed a motion to throw out a search warrant that was obtained by law enforcement in 2011 and led to the discovery of what authorities believe were stolen goods and methamphetamine in Mayfield's Catawba County home.The defense argued that there was no credible basis for the warrant to be issued. Aaron Turk testified he obtained the warrant after speaking with an informant.

Mayfield told Channel 9 he has no plans to watch the home burn.The mansion was scheduled to be burned to the ground Dec.14 by the Catawba Fire Department as a training exercise.,000 of that was paid Monday, with the rest being paid Tuesday, officials told WBTV.He will serve a 45-day suspended sentence and 18 months of unsupervised probation.

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