Lisa raye and al sharpton dating

Usually, I would not hate on another man’s good fortune, in fact, I am quite impressed by the Reverend on this one, except for this one little fact,…African American preachers always claim to be spiritually advising someone, or even more felonious some practice marriage counseling, and typically end up hooking-up with the couples wife, obviously in a weak moment, making the situation worse.

I hate to be like that but I have seen it happen multiple times from several different preachers over the years.

She already has one with a daughter but her married life could not fulfill as it went to be an unsuccessful one.Lisa Raye Mc Coy was at first married to Tony Martin in 1992.Tony Martin’s profession and other personal aspects are not classified.“Lisa Raye is involved in the White House Education Tour with Education Secretary Arne Duncan, former GOP House speaker Newt Gingrich and Rev.Al Sharpton because she has a foundation, Radiant Jewels, that gives scholarships to young girls,” Jeter explained to EURWeb exclusively.

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