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operators' refusal to sign a "union shop" contract with the United Mine Workert (CXO.)- — ^ ■ riir iire.seuce of anlpelrs. Ca»i Sda& hiaio n c l ^-ii M was piill#(l » the Mrrfare un- king and Qu Mr, ve-vrri^- n • • , F;-ench capital tli# cheers snotits j f^g^mer" ex'-p' for minor ir'ir't -ia- h' -.• - 1 no? and in ever y in stanc e have r e c p i vt«d definrr assurance that there will be no ad- vance over the regular prices In the U* cstabl Lshments riu thermore. Ihr ni' ii i"'i\.-P» ee a»latfc Mi al Federal minliklli Mg Tf T f Stan- ley Lewis, of bttawa, and Lewis; (Ataua members mrnt and t^r V "'"^ai 1t: M ym— Preee nt a H a n uf ere- dentials to His Majeaty by Daniel, T., Roper, new ' rnlled ^ta CWT . p.m.— State dinner at Rideau Htl l ' , „ i heir Maje^tirs Respond to Chantf'd Demand Ffom Crow*on» for Heappearanee Al Windsor Hotel — ^early 2.(MMK(MMI Sub- jecl B See Their Sovereign in Great City Ttiousands o f (Jiildr m M l ay Receutioii Mig Part in Fine M ONTREA Qu Mt^ui^ta^ Vlavisi *^n«ht-i W rcspftriftc to the ^Thc King and u'ct table tq-_ the Royal reappearance before thousands of persohi jammed into Dominion Square where some of thetn had stood since morning. She WB5 welcomed by a large dele- gation representing Canadian and Chinese organizations. At that time it was estimated READY FOR Mm VISIT Largest Crowds in Ottawa's History Jam Streets ot Dominion's Capital that nearly 2,0^00,000 subjects had seen their King and_^ Queen during the dajf-iff^ontreal. /»■ :ie Meadowcrafi Meadowcraft lf,»were6 /iut.v,j i/.o shrill-voiced homag'e their King and ^irejyi d Url Bt-^*^^.*"^/"V"**;'* '''! Wuiiuiu memb ers pf the Uplancj s L ) _ M gab bianfced the visiting hhol- selves as behig opposed to any in- crease in the price of meals when th e Kin g m ni Q u een are In Victoria. -We wanrthe King." "W e want the Ouee Ti:' Followed by a Police Escort, Their Majesties Are Shown as the Royal procession Drove to Their ' at the Chattan Prontenac After the Official Reception at the Parliament Buildings. Suite Coroner's Jury Brings In Verdict Accusing Bers On Or Persons Unknown NANAIMO Majrii -A cor- rner's jiirv tonight relmncd a ver- ritc^of murder altci ' mriuinne luio; the death of .m\ "U-ok! Nanalmo Indian • girl br^y was found In the bush No I Indian Reservation May « After hearing sdnie forttr nesses, the jury decided the i ir1 nf strangulation at the hanp;. Con- ■tabln Daubeny testified .' \^ destroying 3004iou.ie8. JSJi E WRECKS r Ot NDRV Liberals Are Swept Back Into Power on _Full Political Ti^e,^ ofhre BATTLE 4 he battle eon^- up. A s Fiir' which ballooned »'lttt ^it wlien the 'wo--,rar-old soii fif H'l, f flh'ii'e fell into a wc:i fifty deep, saved the young.- ters li.e i today. farrd' th" Bit •■--h force would t the King s attention to "le xir'im -rt. ' e : evsr'l- as lonr ; and the Rojal XOUple vnulir st ard ,r. A number of proprietors of larger establtsnffi Mll"' Kited no* advance would be made^in their prices, but it pointed otit that other restau- rs nt.s were In favor of increasing their regular rates. mm FLY WUl Be Obietved B St^te Troops Exahange Shots With Men- Firing From ' Amhush --1. A iu U day* boltday w Urbe observed bv the Cltv Hall Iristdr s»a JT. Idi Ts had orders to "spray the ninuniaiiwldes With inachthe-Kun and rifle fire ■•'I(IS the Lime tin! S*lt*yal aaoent'to leg Ma- tion in the Senate. — Reception to preks repre»entative« at Rideau Ha II. On e d o l Uif pt y o u r money wiii keet^ one of our-people from starving for a month she told her audience. It was a vivid mtiiti -colored ■ I eiip in Montreal . cli- maxed when the 48,000 leaficd of New China, reached Victoria from Vancouver last evening, aa a pafeseugcr in the Canadian Airways machine^ whuh arrived at Esqulmaie^ oclock. Mayor An* drew Mc Oavln and -tbt City Council have aaked city' .stores to observe a half-ho U- dav up to nixin on May 30, dunng the Royal v Ult. May 3]^ Thf &l^r BMti will remain clokm Saturday, the - Xtag's Rirthday, and OR llaj T 34. r been able to meet ex- ternal debt in recent years if it had not been for its new mineral weislth. Carter said at a pies.s ( f,nfcrci;i r latr tod.i\ ii ilit ir \v,i • an.\ more .sniping the ^. ^ ,r,u ' ,',f o.-K out a Perhaps ne' b^-en aceor-lert turh a vot.thful. •We have thirty nulllon people w Jio arc suffering day and night. '•ai'l Mi-'^-'^ I^'c hi summing up the Jammed info Montreal Baseball Stadium wlrile 14.000 Protestant hool chlh Uea crowded Molaon .stadium. A bridge lust completed which Join.': two major .sections nf th» niint ^h«re,s impw^^Uy in th •vhole projett The rthncret*. \f.i m an accwlcn' Ordtf 0 Podroge from f§ur O'fbtor Uiayl Four years of planning and In- tensive effort have effected impor- tant manufaetnrini H -eoo^omlea in the plant of the Packard Motor Tar Company. V1 feet l-me and S*) feet wkie, arches across East Grand Boulevard, one of Detroit'!

Joseph's Hospital, waa held yesterday afternoon at Can I expect more from Extra Vitamins in FRESH YEAST than from vitamins afone 9 Read why the New High -Vitamin Yeast is such an EFFECTIVE WAY to get extra vitamins .... C t,: f JOO tr Idi»n T 'un Kft'.'t O the fare , "tf — jpynfle d I ui \ ra«ar*tf'*'* ^ • 1^*"^ » i^ni^-r *" • i* -t CM. ~ r '"W^ )am^1Mca Uon with a number of the larger, popu- lar hotels and restaurs nt.«:. *- «3 f*'/ ' «r.r)-keri » r Hwn and M^do* craft aas p'....'d ;amin as a READY FOR ROYAL VISIT ( onlinued from Pafe 1 a welcome to Their Mh^mk ^ Rev- eral thou.' and other school children mil come from outlying towns" The ftnil decorations hnvp been QUICKER RELIEF FRO ASTHMA! , The huge grass square In front of thl Parliament Buildings i^ flood- lighted at night and a large lllum- O. wl U be ad\ a need Tor the period of the Royal visy. *l Di8tributor B for Quality Traniportation''* ini O YATES ST. ■■N: — FIREMt NOr 4AANICHIN t PREDICAMENT *May Work Long-Hour Shifts ^„lt Two-Platoon Sybtem^^ Is Introduced THREE SHIFTS IN ' / FORCE AT PRESENT Tf Saaiuch flr« d«*P»rtinpnt*i- . M »r Al tprnrt-^i^WVkt-t^S^ WL'mer on th(tuty (pr ten hotir.s and an- ^©ther platoon on night work for —fourteen hours makmg a to Ui L-Ol al Kty ho ur» per week This would rem Ut in a considerable in •peratlng expenite to the' munlcl* LAY Mt. moved that the council have thf" riffht to accept olfens for lo Ls from fiaamdi ratepayers if leas than the Ma Maed Vfth Mr - It was carried. W M,c Lcan CDndiirted an Imprc Mlve service, during winch one congrc Kat lonal h|mn. ON E G7l6i I FREIGHT TO UP-ISLAND POINTS 75 Scheduled Hquies Daily: SI4 co RMOMf4T srnr P' Sppcifd 1 rips By Arrangement a PHOMCJft ai Aft- ISLAND FREIGHT SERVICE, Lid.

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