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I'm surprised that the helicopter doesn't decapitate him!

The "gimmick" in this show is the remote control used to stop the timer on the detonator -- Mc Garrett has a brainstorm about this when using the remote on a TV in his hotel room.

They break in to the hooker's room, catching Eddie in the act of strangling her.

They pull him off her, but the hooker tries to get free and attack Eddie, saying "You bastard!

When Mc Garrett pulls up to the hospital to check on the shot cop, a closeup of the Park Lane suggests that it is in serious need of a trip to the car wash!

(The workaholic Mc Garrett has no time, I am sure...) At the hospital, Winston Char is Doctor Ying, but in Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb (only two shows later), Char plays Dr.

He is described by English-accented psychiatrist Dr.When Vince Bonner (Felice Orlandi), a bagman for loan sharks, shows up at their house, she sees Bonner as her ticket away from her husband (there is a suggestion that they "do it").Danno is suddenly a munitions expert, telling how an explosion can be made by combining thanatine nitrate fertilizer with diesel fuel and dynamite (shades of Oklahoma City).When caught in the act by Mc Garrett, he screams "You can't win! MORE TRIVIA: The sequence in a hospital room where nurses and interns try to revive a cop that Eddie shot is lifted from season five's Pig in a Blanket (#100), including Seth Sakai (unbilled) as the doctor in charge.The hospital staff who rush into the room at the beginning with the equipment are nowhere to be seen as the attempts at revival proceed.

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