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Null Reference Exception is thrown when Data Grid Combo Box Column's Items Source is bound to external data source and the Display Member Path is not set.

When item from the Data Grid Combo Box Column gets selected the selection box of the Combo Box becomes empty.

FIXED Updating properties of Property Name Data Point Binding is not reflected in the chart.

List View NEW Performance improvement on load time and when custom template is used.

FIXED Modifying the Items Source asynchronously immediately after setting the Items Source cause rendering issues.

By clicking “Sign up for Git Hub”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement.But, once you start using them, you will realize how badly they have been architected. Where did the "span" and two extra "input" tags come from? One Rad Text Box gets rendered as a span and three input tags!I would say, to showcase the power of the product/tool. Why would any one decide to render one Text box as using three input tags!As you might have known already from my previous post, in one of my projects we use Telerik Controls extensively for showing various GUI controls. Lot of people have asked me, why I hate them, hence for the benefit of the community, I have decided to document the reasons of my hatred for Telerik controls.Telerik has provided a lot of controls that could be used in variety of situations.

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