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He's angry because he thinks that marriage these days is a raw deal for men. who is more into her abs, thighs, triceps, and plastic surgery.Here's Jeff from Middleburg, Florida: "I am not going to hitch my wagon to a woman . A woman who seems to have forgotten that she did graduate high school and that it's time to act accordingly." Jeff, meet another of my respondents, Alex: "Maybe we turn to video games not because we are trying to run away from the responsibilities of a 'grown-up life' but because they are a better companion than some disease-ridden bar tramp who is only after money and a free ride." Care for one more?Sure, girls can--and do--ask guys out for dinner and pick up the check without missing a beat. Women can take a Chinese-menu approach to gender roles. This isn't equality, say the male-contents; it's a ratification of female privilege and, worse, caprice.They can be all "Let me pay for the movie tickets" on Friday night and "A single rose? "Women seemingly have decided that they want it all (and deserve it, too)," Kevin from Ann Arbor writes.The woman may be hoping for a hookup, but she may also be looking for a husband, a co-parent, a sperm donor, a relationship, a threesome, or a temporary place to live.

It would be easy enough to hold up some of the callow ranting that the piece inspired as proof positive of the child-man's existence.But how was the hapless social worker supposed to know that?In fact, Doesn't-Open-the-Car-Door Guy might well have been chewed out by a female colleague for reaching for the office door the previous week.Today, though, there is no standard scenario for meeting and mating, or even relating.For one thing, men face a situation--and I'm not exaggerating here--new to human history.

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