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Gossips went into overdrive over the weekend (02-03Mar13) when Crowe and Barks stopped for a leisurely lunch after a joint exercise session in Los Angeles.

But Crowe has brushed off romance tales - in a message to the British actress, he jokes, "@Samantha Barks apparently we are an item according to Aussie magazines...sorry about that Sammi." The romance report also prompted Barks to reach out to fans and, in a post on Monday (04Mar13), she writes, "Rumours are hilarious and not true!

Look the thing that people are talking about in terms of ageism or sexism or whatever, that?

d always been the boss, always been in control, but now, in the job he was doing, there was a 25 year old who could do it for half the money.

s an angry wanker, I still have some residual affection for Russell. The Daily Mail was making fun of his (obvious) dye job, but that might be for a film?? When reached by Variety last week, Aronofsky said the meeting had been proposed, but it wouldn?

things Crowe has done thus far is try to get some kind of Vatican screening for Noah. The reason the Vatican cancelled it, according to a source, is over concerns word would leak, causing a spectacle as Crowe and Aronofsky landed in Rome.

However, it appeared the 32 year age gap eventually caused problems and they split in 2009.

Meanwhile, Crowe's apparent romance comes just a few months after it was revealed he had quietly separated from singer wife Spencer after nine years of marriage.

The pair were spotted cuddling in front of a fireplace at the Greenwich Hotel in New York at 3am on Sunday morning and again at the same spot at 2pm later that day.

Two weeks ago, the actor had said his busy filming schedule meant he had hardly spent any time with his sons Charles and Tennyson this year.

The Oscar winner's private life has become the talk of the Australian tabloids since he was alleged to have split from his wife Danielle Spencer last October (12), and he has been using his blog to repeatedly slam false claims that suggest he has moved on.

s a total myth that actresses have problems finding parts beyond a certain age.

He sat down with The Guardian for a wide-ranging (and actually pretty entertaining) interview ? Towards the end of the interview, he was asked about those December comments, and he tries to clarify.

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