Ryan gosling dating eva mendes

On the subject of people who ping, they don't get any pingier than Garfield which adds to his fuckability. R67 He had nothing but flops last year in which he just took his shirt off and gave mediocre performances. The only people who are still taking him seriously are his mother and disillusional fan girls. The only recent flop movie he's done is Gangster Squad. I think Gosling did OK in his scenes with two of the best actors in the nation.

Ryan doesn't really ping, but his voice sounds like he has a stuffed up nose and bit forced at times. R67 is the delusional one if he honestly thinks Gosling is "over." Gagster Squad is his only misstep since 2005, he's critically considered one of the top actors for his age, he has a huge tabloid appeal, and 32 is very young for a leading actor. The first time I saw Ryan was in that Numbers movie where he played a teenage murderer. He tries to seduce Sandra Bullock and even his male partner-in-crime. No one but whoever he's with knows what his preferences are behind closed doors.

First time I saw some early footage I said that is a young mary in training. But once I saw him on screen he was very sexy - just magnetic.

He might have butched it up but I would bet good money he is gay.has at least been with guys. If you just saw his picture you wouldn't think he's sexy but he is. People are right, it's how he carries himself - he becomes handsome. So DL has one long Ryan Gosling thread with people saying that he's definitely gay, and now a second thread with people saying that he's definitely straight. I think I’m more attracted to Ryan Gosling than any woman could ever be.”-Andrew Garfield to Teen Vogue Mediocre actor at best, he is only good when he can relate to the characters he is playing. Good looking - not really, he looks like a creepy weirdo, very off-putting.

Last week, Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River was met by mixed and often scathing reviews from critics, who found the film overly ambitious at best, an incomprehensible folly at worst.

I think he's a plain Jane, with a slight derpishness to him. The fangirls do come thundering out at any suggestion that Ry Ry might be less than 100% straight. And why do people who have met a celebrity in a professional situation or had a brief social encounter believe so fervently that they are experts on their private lives?

And now he's dead.3) My God, but Justin Timberlake's name was all over this thread in 2013.

Thank God that wgitw trash cracker has left our national consciousness.4) Eva Mendes was more than his dogwalker.

Plenty of straight-appearing and straight-talking guys are actually gay or bi but we don't have to know that. He's a movie star and interesting to watch on screen. He's not the best but he's not the worst but he's attractive.

This window into DL 5 years ago is beyond fascinating in how wrong everyone was.1) Gosling' s career was not over as r67 declared do confidently.2) Yes Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a great actor, but he was also a raging drug addict and a drunk.

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