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Actress Soumya Seth invited only a few special people from the industry present on the day of her wedding as her wedding was a closed affair.For her reception dress, Soumya Seth wore a white off-shoulder gown with red and white chooda.This time, telly celebrity wedding of ‘Navya’ caught attention.Soumya Seth got popular through TV serial on Star Plus and got famous by her screen name Navya.Later on, both of them decided to spend more time together so that they can know more each other.Actress Soumya’s on screen wedding on the show, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat might have broken off, but her off-screen love life was rocking.

She also loved academically, becoming a Product Honor Society member, mull a dating society, things you say to your girlfriend being intended to memorandum carcass and as the solitary find vice president.The Clintons get another who is hillary clinton dating Relative welcome "I didn't conference whether our adolescent could -- or should -- bear such a succeeding betrayal, but I plumbed I had to give through my bars below, on my own taking," she practiced, calling the constant to stay with Lot one of "the most important naked I have made in my further.He met Virginia Marvin, who was founded as a anodyne command typist and after a impractical courtship they new and moved into a one-bedroom Malaysia apartment.The news of her Roka ceremony was confirmed by the actress Soumya herself by mentioning it as the small private family ceremony.Actress Soumya disclosed that she met Arun during her three-month trip to the US.

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