Sandra and keanu dating dating for boys and girls

She is mostly known for being the one-time girlfriend of actor Keanu Reeves.The tragic car accident happened when she was coming home after attaining a party.They had been in a relationship for one year that is from 1999 to 2000.After being in a relationship, Jennifer was pregnant within a month.There were some words which said he was spotted with a mystery woman and they both were heading to The Who’s concert in Los Angeles.Further, we have been knowing that the Keanu Reeves’s secret girlfriend is transgender in sexuality as well.

And many sources have provided information saying some interesting facts and truths about him.

But when she was eight months pregnant, she had an accident where she died on the spot according to the sources.

Grievously, the baby was stillborn after eight months due to which Syme had to suffer depression and demised in a car crash. She was born on 7th December 1972 in Pico Riveria, California, USA and she demised on 2nd April 2001 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA near Hwy 101 aged 28.

According to the investigation performed by police, she was already dead when found.

Head injury was the main reason for the huge tragedy.

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