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After a recovering Casey’s bull, they set out to try an get B-Mack his first shot at a first time Roosevelt harvest. The current state of hunting and conservation intrigues me and worries me.

We’re at a crossroads right now, but the decisions we make now will determine the future of our hunting heritage and the wildlife we love and cherish. With several injuries and setbacks over recent years, Mike fights back and finds himself with a branched antlered, bull elk crossbow tag in his pocket.

It’s that time of the year for The Community crew and this means a lot of hog hunting.Join Out West Outdoors as they continue their backcountry blacktail hunt in Northern California.Things heat back up quickly when Zach Wusstig catches a glimpse of a massive buck that he’d previously seen amid archery season.Tens of thousands of guys, who don't live in sheep states, want to hunt sheep and apply.Most states give out only a handful of their coveted tags to non-residents.

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