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CHICAGO UNIVERSAL GRAIN CODE (and Mill Feed Supplement) COMPILED FOR USE OF GRAIN and MILLING TRADES OF THE United States and Canada This Code meets the present day requirements of the grain and milling trades — is up-to-date in every respect and thoroughly covers the changes in methods and business that have come into use of late years.

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MINNEAPOLIS SEED COMPANY SEEDS Comply with all Seed Laws MINNEAPOLIS, - MINN. Ultimately the difference in fuel consumption repays the entire original cost of the engine. / The Universal Grain Code is being used by many hundreds of the most active firms in the country.

Operating cost 50 to 75 per cent less than the average cost of g: so! On oil at 2 J , to 7 cents, Foos Engines develop the same horse power th,.t other engines obtain from gaso- line at 12 to 15 cents. The translation expressions and tabulated matter is a great im- provement upon any public grain and milling code now in use, and is an assured factor in saving tele- graph tolls and misunderstand-, ings in telegraphing.

Quick Release Attachment By which the platei can be thiown apait without disturbing the adjnitmtnt. We manufacture Shafting, Pillow Blocks, Hangers, Floor Stands, Elevator Casings, Heads and Boots and all kinds of Elevating, Conveying and Power- Transmitting Machinery. We have been in the Elevator and Mill Furnishing business over twenty-five years and feel that we know some- thing about it.

THE MILL THAT MAKES MONEY Quality and Capacity Can't Be Equaled The Best Corn and Feed Grinder on Earth RING OILING BOXES By which perfect lubrication of the bearing* is insured. We cast and finish sheaves of all sizes— English or American system — Pulleys, Band Wheels, Flywheels, Drums, Gears, Sprocket Wheels, etc. NEW YORK, Fulton Bldg., Hudson Terminal, 60 Church Street Send for Catalog No. I Did It Ever Occur to You That the best way to get what you want, and get it promptly, is to send your orders to people who have had experience in the busi- ness and who carry a stock of goods always ready for quick shipment?

INTERNATIONAL SUGAR FEED CO MILLS AT MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., and MEMPHIS, TENN. Power — We have letters and references absolutely proving large saving of power. AMERICAN ELEVATOR AND GRAIN TRADE G5 Mc DANIEL GRAIN DRIER Will remove from grain any percent- age of moisture de- sired. NIAGARA RECEIVING SEPARATOR Especially adapted for cleaning all kinds of grain. He now says it is the best feed he ever used and is buying all his feed from me, while formerly he did all his buying from another dealer. TRIAL OFFER Wa will be pleased to ship the AMERICAN SPECIAL on trial, you to be the sole j udge as to its satisfactory operation. TIN CENTS Your Old Shingle Roof can be made waterproof and as serviceable as a new roof at a very little cost with MAIRE'S INDESTRUCTIBLE ROOF PRESERVER This Preserver prevents warping and curling of the shingles. Write for information about the finest line of warehouse mills made in the world and get a fine rubber dating stamp free. R eceivers am Shippers of All Kinds of Grain CJ Always in The Market to Buy at Outright Prices. They furnish an absolutely Stea s dy, Reliable Power For Mills and Elevators at small expense. We make engines especially adapted for mills and ^ elevators which also give perfect satisfaction ^ for.

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