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Today, following a series of acquisitions, the company annually ships more than 4 million tons of sugar packaged under some of the world’s best-known brands to customers in 80 countries.

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Then came mill and refinery purchases in Mexico, London, Portugal, Belize and Italy, making ASR a bigger player internationally."We thought we knew about the sugar business before we went across the pond," said Contreras, referring to the Tate & Lyle acquisition in 2010. Fernandez said the company is defined by its brands, product innovation and its reliable supply chain.The dignitary from the South Pacific island nation was here as a seller of sugar to the world’s largest cane refining company, ASR Group, headquartered in West Palm Beach.Fiji is one of the more than 40 countries that supply ASR.The growth has not been for the sake of growth, but to make the company better, Fernandez said"The acquisitions were all strategic and synergistic and to make us more competitive," Fernandez said.ASR has made roughly 10 percent of the acquisitions it has considered, Fernandez said.

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