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So to summarize, I have saved myself from paying income tax on the ,450 of income I used to fund the HSA, I now have ,250 that is growing in the account tax free, and I have another 0 that is in the HSA growing tax free that I can withdraw whenever I want to!

I can hear you saying, “What if I put all this money into my HSA but I don’t have any health issues…how will I ever get my money out?

Instead, I am able to leave that 0 in my HSA and can sit back and watch it grow, tax-free, until I decide to withdraw it!

Like a Traditional IRA, your contributions to the HSA are pre-tax contributions and your contributions are allowed to grow tax free.Rather than treat your HSA as a savings account, instead treat it as a retirement account and invest the entire HSA balance in low-cost index funds (note: not all HSA custodians offer low-cost index funds so make sure yours does before opening an account).Rather than use your HSA to pay for medical expenses, instead use your after-tax money so that you can leave your HSA money to grow tax free.Because contributions to the HSA are pre-tax, depositing ,450 into my HSA decreases my taxable income by ,450 and therefore reduces my taxes.When I go to the doctor, I can pay for my 0 yearly visit with my tax-free HSA funds directly but if I instead pay with cash or my normal credit card, I am able to withdraw that 0 from my HSA at a later time (to pay myself back for the qualified medical expense).

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