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I was also able to retry and install the current 1709 update without any issues.I continue to strongly recommend that you not hobnob with the cannon fodder and wait for Microsoft to show some restraint. My original recommendations for blocking 1803 still work, but you have to use all of them, altogether, all the time. Microsoft won’t say which vendor(s) and/or which network card(s) are getting cracked by the patch.The strange behavior of the Cred SSP update – where the Patch Tuesday fixes for all versions of Windows seemed to break Remote Desktop Protocol with a strange error message: “This could be due to Cred SSP encryption oracle remediation” has been resolved.Patch Lady Susan Bradley notes (about all versions of Windows and Remote access): Be aware — if you are seeing RDP issues post patch Tuesday, the underlying issue is that there is a mismatch between patch levels.

Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 continues to look good.

The updates for the RDP/credssp came out in March and slowly Microsoft has been adjusting the mandate of the update.

In May, the full “you must have a patch on both ends” kicked in.

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