Validating databases after migration oracle 8i 10g

Ispirer Mn MTK helps to convert Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server including database schema (DDL), data and server-side business logic from Oracle to SQL Server.Witnessing a large trend of market demands we strive to deliver good quality services.Using the methods outline in this document the application outage can be limited to the time it takes to refocus the application on the new upgrade environment.

How to make sure that everything is migrated successfully without any data loss.

Under Oracle 10g compatibility, the on-disk structures for platforms that appear in v$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM are identical, but the endian format could differ.

Using Oracle Golden Gate in conjunction with Oracle Database features, an upgrade or migration can be performed without any significant application downtime.

Transportable tablespace has three main phases: Transportable tablespace sets can be created from an Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) backup to avoid downtime on the primary database.

Cross-platform transportable tablespace is an extension of the transportable tablespace feature that enables tablespaces to be transported across database platforms.

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