I have seen the error with "DOMAIN\MACHINENAME$" rather than the SID, and have seen the AD accounts created successfully.I'm guessing this might be an issue with our long FQDN that might be getting appended to the name?provide reasonably detailed instructions for finding exactly the source for whatever older version your binary was built from.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's a rough correspondence of version release dates to change sets in the source code repository: Rev Chgset Date Author Log Message ----- ----- ----------------- -------- -----------Virtual Box 1.6.0 (released 2008-04-30) @8462 [8462] 04/29/08 vboxsync sync debian Virtual Box 1.5.6 (released 2008-02-19) @6332 [6332] 01/10/08 vboxsync sync deb ??? I'm really adding to this topic hoping it will encourage someone, you perhaps, build a windows binary of Virtual Box-1.6.0bz2 and make it available.

I cannot redistribute the commercial binaries, that's why I'm looking for the GPL'd OSE binaries.

This is a stripped down version of my code: module Vdi Function Runner Main implicit none contains integer function Vdi Function Runner () !

DEC$ ATTRIBUTES DLLEXPORT, Std Call :: Vdi Function Runner implicit none CHARACTER (256) :: in XTGA, copy XTGA CHARACTER (256) :: ARRAY_810(10) copy XTGA = 'test' nr Return Values = tga_810(copy XTGA, 1) Vdi Function Runner = nr Return Values return end function Vdi Function Runner integer function tga_810(xtga, test Nr) character (256), intent(in) :: xtga integer, intent(in) :: test Nr tga_810=2 end function tga_810 end module Vdi Function Runner Main As you see the passed values should be 'test' and 1, but in the debugger I get only the first character of the array ('t') and test Nr = 0.

I guess there is no error in writing the code, isn't it?

When the code is correct, does somebody know if this can be a compiler problem or something like that?

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