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In a regular expression an escape sequence involves placing the metacharacter \ (backslash) in front of the metacharacter that we want to use as a literal, for example, if we want to find (s) in the target string window(s) then we use the search expression \(s\) and if we want to find \file in the target string c:\file then we would need to use the search expression \\file (each \ we want to search for as a literal (there are 2) is preceded by an escape sequence \).These are Browser ID Strings and appear as the Apache Environmental variable HTTP_USER_AGENT (full list of Apache environmental variables).In this case the expression [1-9][0-9]-[0-9] would be necessary to find a valid local phone number.Note: While it may be obvious to some, it is also worth emphasizing what characters play a role in iteration.

The ^ (circumflex or caret) inside square brackets negates the expression (we will see an alternate use for the circumflex/caret outside square brackets later), for example, [^Ff] means anything except upper or lower case F and [^a-z] means everything except lower case a to z.We are going to try some simple matching against our example target strings: Note: You can also experiment as you go through the examples.In previous versions of this guide we incorrectly omitted the \ in the expression '5 \['.The iteration meta characters can also be used in conjunction with parenthesis meta characters.The * (asterisk or star) matches when the preceding character occurs 0 or more times, for example, tre* will find tree (e is found 2 times) and tread (e is found 1 time) and trough (e is found 0 times and thus returns a match only on the tr).

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