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Astra Chat is very efficient with the network connection and data consumption so you can be confident that it will use very little of your battery or data allowance.• Reliable direct connection to the XMPP server• VOIP calling between clients using Jingle • Chat groups• No proxy server that might compromise your password or message content• No account to sign up - just download and connect to your own server• Secure connection with SSL and TLS• Compatible with all XMPP servers• Works on all mobile and Wi Fi networks• Immediate push notification of new messages• Emoticons• Avatars• Is typing support• Message delivery receipts• Last seen presence (XEP-0012 if supported by XMPP server)• Fast picture sharing• Unlimited chat history• Easy to use• Fast and modern Whats App like interface• Efficient network use• Optimized for mobile devices• Low battery consumption• Low network consumption Astra Chat is suitable for large or small enterprises. For more information visit our website or email [email protected]

Supported XMPP Protocols:• RFC-3920: Core• RFC-3921: Instant Messaging and Presence• XEP-0012 Last Activity• XEP-0016 Privacy Lists• XEP-0054 vcard-temp• XEP-0085 Chat State Notifications• XEP-0153 v Card-Based Avatars• XEP-0172 User Nickname• XEP-0184 Message Delivery Receipts• XEP-0191 Blocking Command• XEP-0198 Stream Management• XEP-0199 XMPP Ping • XEP-0176: Jingle ICE-UDP• XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat Astra Chat is a product of Rockliffe Systems - developers of rock solid communication software since 1995.

Internet chat rooms and rapid real-time teleconferencing allow users to interact with whoever happens to coexist in cyberspace.

These virtual interactions involve us in 'talking' more freely and more widely than ever before.

Thereby, a feeling similar to a spoken conversation is created, which distinguishes chatting from other text-based online communication forms such as Internet forums and email.

Online chat may address point-to-point communications as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers and voice and video chat, or may be a feature of a web conferencing service.

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"that teenagers and young people are in the leading the movement of change as they take advantage of the possibilities of digital technology, drastically changing the face of literacy in a variety of media through their uses of mobile phone text messages, e-mails, web-pages and on-line chatrooms.

In 2014, Brown and Woolley released a web-based version of Talkomatic.

The first online system to use the actual command "chat" was created for The Source in 1979 by Tom Walker and Fritz Thane of Dialcom, Inc.

It's like a private chat room for your small group. Now, you can coordinate with coworkers, organize a game night, and keep in touch with family all in the same place. Add anyone from your phone book and they will immediately be able to chat with the group. Learn more about Group Me over SMS They say more than a sentence ever could.

Snap a pic on the go or share an old one to relive some memories together. Or, if you have a meeting, easily mute everything for a while.

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