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Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein dated only briefly during their start as Sleater-Kinney, but the relationship was very intense, sparking songs such as One More Hour.

She was writing a blog titled ‘Monitor Mix’ from 2007 to 2010. Often and now she is in the news for the hairstyle she wears. More information about biography can be found in Wikipedia.

Brownstein was target of various polemics during her career, one of which was being outed to everyone, including her family, as bisexual by a magazine article.

She also made various appearances in SNL and won awards for Portlandia.

There have been various rumors about who’s Carrie Brownstein dating right now, but none of them have been confirmed. Vincent (another famous guitarist) and Abbi Jacobson.

Carrie have commented, though, on a romantic (but not sexual) relationship with Portlandia co-star and co-creator Fred Armisen.

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