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Therefore, a chat room embed on more than website page will provide access to the same member profile chat room.

Likewise, the member profile personal room link will also be the same chat room as the embedded chat rooms.

At the upper right of the chat room you will find a create/modify a chat room button.

Please click this button to launch the configuration options.

Unless you have the luxury of a 24-hour phone operator able to answer any and all questions, you should have trained live staff available to work with your customers at any time of day – even when the dealership is closed.

The choice many boat buyers make between you and your competitor comes down to availability – who has the right answers right now.

Converting those visitors into boat sales can be challenging because of the “get it now” mentality of today’s consumers.

The major difference between the way Boat Chat handles online chat and other website chat systems is that our strategy is all about generating new leads rather than recycling existing contacts.

Our proactive design encourages with visitors who would not normally contact the dealership to Some shoppers do their watercraft research during business hours, but many do not.

Live chat on your dealership website is not just more “bells & whistles”… At Boat Chat, we use cutting-edge chat technology designed to guide your customers through the first steps of buying a boat. Our software and support services are constantly evolving.

The same way your business’ online, in-person, and phone sales processes should always be improving; our chat technology keeps getting smarter, and the people behind it are constantly learning how to better deliver the best chat service available to marine dealerships.

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