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One year on, has enough been done to hold those involved to account?The right to information is vital for preventing corruption.Transparency International has released the 2018 edition of its Exporting Corruption report, rating countries based on their enforcement against foreign bribery under the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.EN | ZH | RU | ES The doors of Europe are open to criminals and the corrupt, thanks to lax, opaque, and mismanaged ‘Golden Visa’ schemes, according to a report released today by Transparency International and Global Witness.By default, index partitioning matches the partitioning of the base table.The PARTITIONED BY clause may be used to specify a subset of the table's partitioning columns (this column list may be empty to indicate that the index spans all partitions of the table).Indexing is a standard database technique, but with many possible variations. Others (such as join indexes) may be more appropriately expressed as materialized views once Hive has support for those.Rather than trying to provide a "one-size-fits-all" index implementation, the approach we are taking is to define indexing in a pluggable manner (related to Storage Handlers) and provide one concrete indexing implementation as a reference, leaving it open for contributors to plug in other indexing schemes as time goes by. This document currently only covers index creation and maintenance.

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Question: should we allow indexes on EXTERNAL tables?

What does this mean for implicit DROP when the table is dropped? If the index handler stores its representation in tabular form, then index_table_name can be used to control the name of the "index table" automatically created for this purpose.

The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark has opened with a renewed commitment to anti-corruption action from national governments, international organisations and multinational corporations at the end of the opening day.

For the majority of people living in rural Nepal, getting access to good medical facilities is difficult.

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