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From its inception in 1996 through 2007, 49 issues were published.

In issue 49 of XY (the winter 2008 issue), founding editor Peter Ian Cummings announced that he would be leaving the magazine for personal reasons; that he and his investors were looking for a new team to take it over.

This declined to 18 in 2001, a demographic shift largely attributable to an increase in under-18 readers, "because people were coming out at younger ages." Another controversy involved XY's longtime Managing Editor, Michael Glatze, who left the magazine in 2001, co-edited the "XY Survival Guide" in 2003, and in 2007 announced that he no longer identified as a homosexual, and denounced homosexuality.

He is now a conservative Christian who opposes gay rights.

Eight issues have been published, each by a different photographer, including Jevpic ("Palm Springs," 2016, which was announced in XY #50), Sean Bentz, Adam Raphael, Steven Underhill, Christopher Makos, James Patrick Dawson and Peter Ian Cummings.

XY operated the website xy.com, which featured magazine content as well as an online dating service "for young gay men." The publisher notes that XY.

When I'm having one of those days, I'll just be like 'I'm not going to let this be a bad day,' and I'll do everything I can to turn it around.

During the bankruptcy proceedings, Cummings, seeking to protect users' privacy, complained to the Privacy Division of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a Federal Regulatory Agency, who warned the investors; the profile data and XY mailing addresses were ordered destroyed to protect users' privacy (more below). As well as its regular issues, the magazine has published a series of specials: A bimonthly companion magazine XYFoto was launched in 2003 containing only photographs.

Com was the world's largest social network for young gay men "before Facebook and Grindr, with an estimated 500,000 members." XY's new website is at

When XY launched in 1996, according to the publisher, the average age of its readers was 22.

He became interested in acting at the age of 12, when his ...

I don't have too many bad days because I just don't let them happen.

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