In Waterbury, Buttons Are Serious Business

Ten of them have a More modern Scovill Mfg. Waterbury mark, while one is a heavy solid cast example. All have fairly good detail to the Missouri state seal, and all are 22mm in diameter. These would be great for a living history display or to go on a coat for someone wishing to portray a member of the Missouri State Guard. Virginia Military Institute Cadet Button! This was excavated in January of this year, , by Mr.

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Value can change: The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the location where the item will be sold. These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question “What’s it worth? Note the date: Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded.

After the Civil War, buttons dating marine removed in place of a strip of black leather affixed to the inside of the uniform’s collar. Modern uniforms have done.

We acquired bags of old brass military buttons when we opened our shop. I bet they are worth something. So, I recently started a little research. Each button contains its own story of where it was made and how it was used. Soon, I discovered lists of dates of back-marks, information on when some short-lived button and clothing makers were in business, and started recognizing patterns in the myriad of variations of buttons with eagles on them.

To purchase, click the pictures or check out our Etsy store. Contact us at or email us if you have any questions. Ontario and Western Railway in existence between and and Jas. N Petrie shows up in Chicago Records in I have seen nothing like it searching other railway buttons of the era. Backmark P. Limerick, Previous to the Canada Militia was a local organization which became country wide when the colony organized under Great Britain.

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Nice smooth brownish green patina on this beautiful excavated Block I. Recovered in Dalton, Georgia. Top shelf Confederate button.


The first use of a semi federal-army was in , when George Washington raised and led 13, state militia to quell the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania. The experience of unifying and leading a citizen based state militia system demonstrated to Washington that our country in time of war would have a major weakness compared to other countries who would have a well trained and disciplined army.

The various state militia units were only a loose knit affiliation of citizens that lacked the necessary military discipline. Another major problem was the inadequate field training for officers and engineers. Being mindful of the country lacking a strong unified military army, President Washington repeatedly warned Congress of these military short-comings throughout his administration and up until his death in Finally, in , the federal military academy at West Point was established.

This was the answer to the United States problem of relying on a state based militia system and relying on foreign mercenaries for protection. Federal soldiers were given rations and were very limited on military equipment. I would have to personally say they were ceremonial in nature. Most of these units were run by egocentrically rich citizens who presumed un-earned ranks of officers.

They lacked any real war skills, field training, or anything that resembled adequate combat training. Local communities militia had never even drilled together as a larger regiment. By the time the Civil War came around, the US Army only consisted of a paltry 16, men, and both sides equally rushed to prepare. Following the Confederate Army taking Fort Sumter in , President Lincoln called up the states militia to re-take the Federal seized property and found that the states militia was far inadequate for the task.

Dating Buttons by Shank Style and Material

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These ‘backmarks’ can provide useful information for dating the buttons, Military and uniform buttons, including British Rail American Civil War buttons.

Parks Military Antiques. Click Here for Buttons Page 2. Additional Images. Thomas N. Shank is solid. Gilt is worn off on outer edge of front, otherwise very good condition. Imported for the Confederacy Rich looking patina on front and back – has a loose loop, otherwise very good condition. Most of the gilt is worn off with only a small amount left in spots on the rim, otherwise very good condition. Gilt is worn off everywhere and darker coloring, otherwise good condition.

Local resident uses metal detector to find Civil War-era relics, items in Mid-Missouri

Posted February If you have a Civil War item that you can’t identify or something you want to know the value of, contact John mail: Box , Acworth, GA ; email John at seantiquing go-star. John needs a good description of the item, condition, manufacturer’s marks and any other markings, and photos. Dear Mr.

There are many different backmarks for US Navy buttons dating from the ‘s and ‘s, as well as many post-Civil War backmarks.

Double die stamped. Silver plated. Photo courtesy of Bob French. Exquisite import. Double inner rings. Low convex. Photo courtesy of Harry E. I am a relatively new collector and have sincerely appreciated the information above. I plan to secure a couple of General Staff buttons as part of a Civil War button collection. Your dating information has been very helpful. I have a gilded breast shield with 6 vertical stripes,…7 stars above.

Eagle looks left. Problem: Back is completely blank- odd? Hello Dan; can you send a picture of front and back of button?

The “Bible” for accurately dating Civil War style uniform buttons

Fall into the united states. Us military uniform buttons, spain, by corbin palmer funeral flowers. Sure you are a good time dating buttons of time and their backmarks by warren k tice find the right of the various buttons of button art of button art and the united states, comics magazines, non fiction ebay! More editions of button types, by warren tice. Dating buttons dating buttons by warren k tice. And craft unusual china buttons don’t you are covered.

Feb 18, – Civil War Confederate States buttons | rare solid cast Confederate States of America CSA Name: Dating Views: Size. Button.

The marking is invariably produced by die stamping, which is an inherent part of the manufacturing process, and backmarks produced in this way continue to be used to the present day. The list that follows identifies British manufacturers and the backmarks they used from the earliest ones recorded until about the middle of the twentieth century. They have been collated from a large number of sources over a long period of time, both documentary and from the buttons themselves, most of which have been recovered by metal detectorists.

In general, dates should be regarded as approximate, and not exclusive unless the context indicates otherwise. It is also the case that there are some differences in respect of dating between the secondary sources that have been consulted. The listing is in alphabetical order, by company name. During the period concerned, this is invariably the surname s of the founder s. Where various members or generations of the same family worked for the business, they are listed under the common surname.

Where double or multiple names apply, each name is listed separately, but cross-referenced back to the main company name. This has been done to facilitate faster tracing of a company when backmarks are partially illegible, as they often are on buttons recovered from the ground. In addition to listing backmarks, any relevant information concerning the button makers is shown in summary form.

This typically includes dates when the companies were established, taken over or ceased trading. Known button types, associated with the maker, or with particular backmarks, are also noted where it is considered that they might be helpful. It is not always clear from the sources whether the name and address are actual backmarks used by the companies, or simply their details, as obtained from trade directories and other primary sources.

Civil War Buttons – Original And Reproduction

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