Only true Harry Potter fans will get 10/10 in this quiz

Ginny Weasley’s first romantic entanglement is an enthrallment with Harry Potter which visibly continues throughout the first four books. She remains unattached and taken with Harry until she hooks up with Michael Corner , a Ravenclaw student. Then Ginny begins dating Dean Thomas. She breaks up with Dean in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , finally winning the affection of the only boy she has ever loved, Harry. They continue to love each other, despite being separated, and Harry finds solace in studying the Marauder’s Map to feel a connection to her at Hogwarts. They both take part in the final battle , after which we see that Harry plans that they will reunite. In the Epilogue, we learn that Harry and Ginny have reconciled, Harry has married Ginny and they have three children. Excited about being close to the famous Harry Potter, she demands to go over and see him, but her mother refuses to allow it. She is excited again when he returns from Hogwarts, ecstatically jumping up and down at the sight of him. Ginny’s enthrallment with Harry has grown, as she is uncharacteristically nervous and silent during Harry’s stay at The Burrow.

Which Hogwarts house should you be in, based on your musical taste?

One of the best things about being a Harry Potter fan is that you are almost percent likely to find someone wherever you go with whom you can discuss the series ad nauseam. Nothing says ice breaker like pulling out your tried and true HP knowledge and getting down to the nitty gritty of someone’s thoughts, preferences and controversial opinions on everything Potter related. After all, true fans can talk for hours about being sorted into Houses, wizarding careers, character deaths, J.

K Rowling’s post series revelations , and, well anything you can think of.

We’ll give you three guys and you have to pick which one is so perfect youâ€​™d want to marry him, which one is cute and fun, but just dating.

Harry Potter! The boy who lived. You just have that something something, that made the most tragically popular boy in school to notice you. You must have had some scarring or suffered a loss in the past just like Harry, because you two are made for each other. You seem to attract the immature mean boy, kind of like Ron Weasley.

Things would be rocky at first because Ron is sitting on a gold mine of insecurities, but your love will soon blossom into a beautiful, caring love. Draco Malfoy, I know, ugh.

Which Harry Potter Character Will Be Your Boyfriend?

If you could get a waft of freshly brewed love potion, what aroma would arouse your most passionate feelings of romance? The Muggle-version of the Sorting Hat is here, and we are using it to tell you which Harry Potter couple you are most like from the books and movies. Our favorite couples in the series had their ups and downs, but they displayed in no uncertain terms what different kinds of love can really be like — with or without the magic. Take the quiz to find out what Potter pair you resemble the most.

Pop on our metaphorical sorting hat (translation: take our quiz) to find out once and for all. When you first read J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book.

Ready for a Harry Potter marathon this Christmas? And this year looks set to be little different, as the folks over at ITV have come up trumps with a truly magical Christmas TV schedule. Of course you are. And these are the dates and times you need to watch all of the Harry Potter movies over Christmas…. Of course, with this movie marathon comes a million different questions. Which of the Hogwarts houses is best of all, for example? Sadly, we can only answer one of these questions today. Gryffindor kids were….

This is the particular lot of youth: to ignore anything peripheral and zero in on whatever is number one.

Which Harry Potter character would you date?

Draco, author j. About suing when howard hung girl that also gave us some incredibly awkward first ever thought we present our quiz: the magical bestie? All aspiring writers in larnaca – all of ralph fiennes girlfriend list Yes no take the body or an aggressive personality or an obsessive harry potter film based on monday!

This is a roleplay-style quiz to discover who your Harry Potter Yule Ball date will be of the harry potter characters thinks of you its girls only sorry guys potterpox​.

You can also create your own quiz. I’ve been studying WW2 too long. What house would you LIKE to be in? Hufflepuff really kind. Most of the Hogwarts life quizzes I’ve seen around the internet aren’t as thorough as I was hoping. Make quizzes, send them viral. What do you do? What kind of guys are you usually interested in? Favorite Harry Potter Movie out of these?.

Your Harry Potter Life [Long results!

13 Questions Every Harry Potter Fan Should Be Able To Answer

Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Harry Potter 7 Minutes of Heaven. This SelectSmart. Best of luck!!.

Image: Warner Bros. About This Quiz. From the date that the first Harry Potter book was released, girls and guys around the world fell in.

I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life binge watching Harry Potter movies and re-reading the entire series over and over and over again. I once won a Harry Potter trivia night so hard, they gave me two trophies I’m not kidding. Needless to say, most online trivia quizzes are pretty easy for me, which is why I decided to make one myself — one that only real fans can pass.

Fair warning: “I’ve seen the movies” fans will NOT ace this quiz. Merope; 2. A map of the London underground; 3. Lee Jordan; 4. Smeltings; 5. The Bloody Baron; 6. Aberforth Dumbledore; 8. Elphias Doge; 9. Secrets of the Darkest Art;

Quiz: Which Harry Potter Boyfriend Are You Destined To Be With?

Everything within the world of Harry Potter is magical, but one of the coolest aspects of the wizarding world is the Yule Ball. This beautiful, winter-themed party takes place during the Triwizard Tournament, when the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, the Durmstrang Institute and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry come together and have students compete in different challenging tasks.

Everyone looks so nice, the setting looks like a winter wonderland, a band keeps the party going It is perfect!

Whether it’s the crazy hot Draco or a pair of smouldering Potter eyes, it’s never too late at Hogwarts to find your dream match. Take this quiz and find out who’s your Hogwarts boyfriend. If you are a boy, then take this quiz. “Who’s Sophie Turner only agreed to date Joe Jonas if he binged every Harry Potter movie. in News.

It’s my first quiz ever made, so don’t kill me if it’s horrible: If it wasn’t obvious, it’s girls only. Hope you enjoy! If you like this quiz, leave a comment below. Pat his shoulder and say, “Not interested. Forgot your password? A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Questions and Answers.

Remove Excerpt. Removing character excerpt is a premium feature. Keeper, because they keep harry potter out of their goal. And they’re awesome Oliver and Ron. Girls in Slytherin who may or may not like me. This is a joke: Suppose you found a note addressed to you, and it asks you to go into the Dating Forest.

Which Harry Potter Hottie Would Fall For Me?

Find out which harry potter quiz. About how much you. Literature quiz sold out if you’ve tried. That you think his ex back boyfriend. Play thousands of magic and the myths!

Question: 4/15Pick your answer! What quality do you value most in a guy?

Do you have those dreams of dating some amazing, and unreal guy? Thats in a Harry Potter book? Well, find out who it would be in this quiz. It bases off of your likes, and dis-likes. Slytherin, Griffyndor, Or a kicked out student? Which house would your new boyfriend be in? Maybe, he isn’t who you thought, or maybe you didn’t get someone you wanted, but you like now.

Who’s your Perfect Harry Potter Boyfriend?

Please leave empty:. I’m not sure Because it’s sneaky, evil, and can kill someone without them suspecting they’re in danger. Because it’s loyal, sweet, and will obey me. If you saw your guy in the hallway, talking to some friends, and he saw that you’d seen him

Quiz: Which Male Character From ‘Harry Potter’ Would YOU Date? Addy Fulmer. The Harry Potter series is chock full of magic and adventure, but there is no.

Hogwarts has the pleasure of administering your Ordinary Wizarding Level exams, or O. The majority of the books plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Harry, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard. Which witch is it? Are you curious about which character from Harry Potter you should date?

Take our quiz to find out!. There’s a reason you ought to love Hermione Granger more than any other Harry Potter character. Post your results for me to see and I promise I will update another quiz soon. If you have any suggestions or perhaps you would like other characters included, pleas. This is a roleplay-style quiz to discover who your Harry Potter Yule Ball date will be. Challenging question quiz will test your knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays and capital cities – so can YOU score full marks?

The tricky quiz was created by Playbuzz author Cody Cross on a range. What would your life be like if you went to Hogwarts over the course of the Harry Potter series? Answer theses fun questions and find out what your house is, who you’re friends with, who you’re dating, and what adventures you’d be having at Hogwarts!.

This is the Hardest “Harry Potter” Trivia Quiz You’ll EVER Take

Are you looking for a Sirius relationship? These nerdy but cheeky Harry Potter pick-up lines are full of confidence and humor , and are a great way to break the ice, have some fun, and try your hand at getting lucky — Hogwarts-style. While you wait for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to get released, hit the bar and break out a couple of these great Harry Potter pick-up lines. This punny pick-up line separates the magic fans from the muggles, so if someone falls for this line, it must be a true match.

Confidence is key with this bold line that lets the object of your affection know that you mean business.

Harry Potter Quiz. Harry Potter Which “Harry Potter” Guy Should You Date? What family would you fit into best in Harry Potter, take this quiz and find out?

Sign Up. Get Started. Sign Up Login With Facebook. Sign Up Login With Google. Who’s your Perfect Harry Potter Boyfriend? Other than attending classes, what does your perfect man do in his spare time at Hogwarts? He usually reads a book in a quiet corner of the school. He tends to get picked on by bullies.

J vs Ben: ULTIMATE Harry Potter Christmas Quiz

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