Why the Kim Kardashian Game Is Legitimately Good

I decide to take on the Lif appearance. Welcome to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood , the new iOS game that has taken over my life and, if sales numbers are any indication, the lives of many others. In the game, your mission is to become an A-list celebrity, but once you do, you can still hang out, doing ever more runway shows and beach shoots, dating models or photographers or dental hygienists. The world is a big playground of ladder-climbing and leisure, encompassing a handful of swanky neighborhoods where rich people frolic: Hollywood, SoHo, Calabasas, and Tribeca. The most interesting thing about KKH is how weirdly accurate it is about fame in our decadent, post-Twitter world. But KKH is aware of the foibles of fame. And hard. But also pretty damn fun. Haters aside, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is undeniably well made.


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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a free Android and iOS game in which and celebrity appearances; dating people who are more famous than.

Are you an aspiring diva? Do you dream of the glamorous lifestyle, but the best you can do is marathon a season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians? If you love that lifestyle — or love to hate it — it’s possible you’ve already been sucked in to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. But if you aren’t sure how to best maximize your time when you play, Mashable has you covered.

We spoke to one man who went from nobody to the top of his A-List in the three weeks since the game was released. Calvin Stowell said he downloaded the game as soon it was released in late June. She’s absolutely everywhere. I knew I had to try it. Stowell said he was able to climb to the top of his game’s leaderboard, which includes all his friends and connections, in a matter of a couple weeks.

Each game is its own universe, but you can compete against your friends if you add them from Facebook or Apple’s GameCenter. He currently has The biggest surprise? Money: The most obvious here are the little green dollar bills that fly to the ground whenever you successfully complete an activity.

Dating levels kim k hollywood

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Clothing Guide. This Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Clothing Guide will tell you which clothing has hearts or stars next to them.

Every heart counts as one point towards your relationship meter. Note that you will always have hollywood option to break up with them anytime you choose by calling them on a date and then selecting ‘break up’. Ipad dates can be expensive, start is fairly rewarding ipad date for fans and XP. After a more recent update, your current date will call you at certain times after dates and iphone to go on another one, you can either accept quick decline. If you accept, you get a mission to go on a date with that person and a time limit of 10 hours to complete it.

Along with the 2. However, there are a lot of things to consider ipad accomplish before you walk down the aisle.

Kim k Hollywood game

Because, not only can you now play the wildly addicting game on Facebook , but your avatar can get married in the Kardashian game now. Which, naturally, brings up the next question — can you get divorced in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? I mean, you can’t blame me wondering, since Kimye is the subject of divorce rumors at least twice a week on tabloid covers.

10 “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” Hacks And Tips. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Clothing Guide Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, Money Games, Dating.

This is by far the most baffling thing about KKH. The game is very funny! My name is Nevaeh. While I spend my days as a wealthy socialite, my heart yearns to break free. Your acquaintance is a ray of warm sunshine on a dull day of tedium. Take this this offhand remark from a salesperson at the So Chic Boutique:. Because it lets you interact with your actual friends in hilarious ways. The Game Center aspect of the game is pretty buggy, so be wary, but within the KKH universe, you should be able to see and hang out with!

That means you can tease them about their D-list status, take them out on dates, buy them expensive fedoras and crop-tops and send them screenshots of you doing so.

Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

App Store charts for the most downloaded free game. A classic example of a viral loop can be found in a product like Paypal. If one user wants to send cash to another, the receiver generally opens a Paypal account to redeem the funds. Moving through these levels requires completing tasks like posing for magazines, going on dates, and as best as I can tell, shoplifting for Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an interactive crash course on the workings of fame.

I was just curious if anyone has noticed if the location of the date affects how fast you go up in ranking. I usually just go on dates in California because the food and drink options are cheaper. When I complete those dates, my ranking usually goes up places. If I brought my date to a higher end location like London or Sydney, will it raise my ranking faster with bigger jumps? Just wanted to ask and see if it was worth it, or if I’ll get the same results regardless of where I have a date.

It seems like a lot of people are rising to the 1 couple’s spot fairly quickly so I’m just curious if I’m missing some big secret. We’re 68 in top couples right now. Don’t know if celeb status affects top couple advancement or not but I just thought I’d include that in case it is a factor.

The Sneaky Trick Behind the Explosive Growth of the Kardashian Game

Just kidding! Kim is your celebrity mentor who takes a shining to your sexy model-esque look and fabulous fashion sense after she rushes into your LA boutique and cons kons? I desperately want to live in this world. Like most freemium games, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood uses multiple forms of currency: Soft primary cash , hard secondary stars , and timed tertiary energy. Because, yes, apparently the key to becoming a Hollywood A-Lister is buying multiple condos and houses around the globe.

The third currency is energy, which you have a limited supply of and which replenishes verrrry slowwwwly.

My time with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is drawing to an end, as the game slowly nature of the game, one that masquerades as a simple dress up and dating You’re meant to ask Kim for advice, but rather than hear sage.

My introduction to Kim Kardashian : Hollywood was through an overheard conversation. I was reminded of sitting in Heathrow Airport earlier in the year and seeing an older man and a young girl playing Flappy Bird side-by-side on their devices, sharing tips and strategies. Just as you would a film; just as you would a pop song. At first glance, Flappy Bird and Hollywood are about as different as one could imagine. Flappy Bird is the creation of a single bedroom coder from Vietnam: a brutally difficult game that is completely free to play making its money from the obnoxious ads that pop onto the screen every few minutes.

Hollywood , on the other hand, is the work of a sizeable Californian mobile games publisher. Yet, it is in the way each game, at the same time, manages to raise the hackles of or, at best, be completely ignored by a core video game culture while attracting a much broader playing base that the two games find their overlap. In their own ways, each game is open and accessible in ways core video games are only every closed and elitist.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game: Cheats, Tips, & Tricks

Even if you’re not wearing them, they help you get ahead. In the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood wardrobe, there are a ton of shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, outfits, shoes, and accessories for you to choose from. Many of the clothing items and options are copies of outfits Kim Kardashian has actually worn. Before you buy an item of clothing, it will have a heart or star next to it. After you buy the item, the hearts and stars disappear, and the item becomes part of your collection of clothes.

I was just curious if anyone has noticed if the location of the date affects how fast you go up in ranking. I usually.., Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Answers for the.

Channel: Kluless. Be sure to watch the video above as all information in this guide is pulled from it. This guide is about the best 10 tips for Kim Kardashians Hollywood. When you are ranked really high start every job in the queue. Just go down through your jobs and you can click on call now. What that means is enter the event area for it to start, then leave and start another job. You can have several jobs going at once and by doing so you can make a lot more money than by wasting your energy on one job at a time.

One of the best tips I can give for this game is getting free stars from offers. In the game, there are several offers you can do that give you completely free stars by completing them. Some are downloading other mobile games and playing them to a certain level. Others are just watching trailers to the very end. But each one gives different amounts of stars and you actually get them.


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